Simon Hochrein
New Scientific Insights on Purchasing and Suppy Management
Research for Scientists and Managers
The Impact of Secondary Research

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The area of purchasing and supply chain management has seen a strong increase in the number of scientific publications in recent years. As a consequence, secondary studies that analyze, compare, criticize, interpret, and consolidate primary studies are essential to give both researchers and managers an overview of the state-of-the-art in a certain field of research.


This dissertation applied four stand-alone literature studies on purchasing and supply chain management. Given that reviews require high methodological standards, the state-of-the-art of synthesizing literature in the field of purchasing and supply chain management is explored and the rigor of previously published reviews is evaluated in the first two (tertiary) studies. Both reviews of reviews further present methodological, taxonomic, and thematic advice. Subsequently, two further (secondary) literature studies establish a consolidated knowledge base on the design of purchasing organizations and a practical guideline on purchasing strategies and action programs.


Researchers may build on the methodological insights gained in this work to ensure that their reviews are of high quality, and they may address the plethora of research opportunities identified in the research agenda. Purchasing professionals may benefit from the unique compendium and well-founded guidelines to systematically improve their companies performance through purchasing and supply management practices and organizational decisions.


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